Monday, June 1, 2009


to make the students can receive the English lesson easily, the teacher must have the great method.... the teacher must stimulate them by making them happy in learning or they are asked what they want to make them happy in learning English by individually.... it can make them curious... and if they belive what their teacher give them suggestion.... they can receive the English lesson easily and happily

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


in the education world, the teachers get many difficulties to make their students better... there are some reasons for them, some of teachers get their students are very naughty, there are too much in their class and the teachers call it.... the class is not health. the teacher says "my students are very lazy"... as we know in different district has different children.... most children are from city, they are very curious to take the English lesson but the children who live in the village, they think they do not need the English lesson however if they has graduated from elementary school or another. English is very important in their next education.
so in this case,,, first way to solve the problem is from their parents..... all of education is from their parents..... their family influences to their children.

Friday, May 1, 2009


if we are the teacher, we know that many students are shy to speak up and read loudly in front of the class... they want to read by their selves.. they never try to practice them at home or their teacher never teach them to speak up and read loudly,,, some of the teachers just make good notes but they do not know actualy the students have great ability to speak up and read if they practice every day either in the school or at home. to make the students braver to speak and read, the teacher can use the discussing to increase their abilities...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

communicative approach

as the teacher..... we know there are many student who get difficult in learning English... and they have different reasons to express it.... some of them say "if the subject is very difficult to be memorize" or they always make noise when the lesson starts.... so the teacher has to tell them about his lesson. the teacher can use communcative approach... it means that the teacher ask them personally when the lesson is over,,,, the teacher can ask them... what difficulty do they get? or how do they can receive or feel enjoy to learn English... it can make him easy to know what they want in receiving the lesson..
the teacher can use it.. every the lesson. from them, the teacher can look for the way to teach in the class. in order learning can work well and the students can receive the lesson optimally

Friday, April 17, 2009

playing horse shoes

do you know most of your students always want to play game after they have got their lesson in that time. and some time we as the teacher really confiuse what game which can be played by them..... we always have new games every season in order they can't feel bored. by playing the game it can make them fresh not only in their body but also their mind.
the teacher can use a horse shoes game. it is called a horse shoes game because it is likes horse shoes. it game can be matched with the lesson that time. for example: if the lesson is about the things of the classroom, the teacher can use the pictures in the classroom to make this game. the students is decided to be two or three group, each group asks its member to competate in this game. every picture is put like horse shoes and one of their duties is asked to mention in English their things. if one of the students can reach in next side... they are the winner.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

arrange the words

actually the students want to be able to make good sentences, the feel to difficult to use the grammar and vocabularies. so the teacher can use the students as tool to arrange the words. they ask to mention a word for each student but in different meaning such as one of them make noun or verb. in order they can make good sentences

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


today, many people not only young person but also adult use many various styles in their lives. they like using the modern dress. such as: shoes, dress, sandals, and so on. in order they can't be left with other person and they want to be respected the others. they look for them everywhere, anytime, and wherever they are.
this advets tell where shop which sells all of what you want. this shop sell nice shoes, good boats, runnig shoes, wedding + shoes, and the others. you can find thim in this shop. or for the shopper you can sell them in this shop. for running shoes you can. there are nice wedding shoes c if you feel wet when it is raining you can use the rain boots to go anywhere. it makes yuo feel confortable in the wet season.